About Mickleton Wines

The options for non-alcoholic drinks to accompany and enhance food in the way that good wines do is very limited. The non-alcoholic wines that we supply fill this need providing a range of alternatives to suit different types of dish and with the same subtlety and diversity that up until now only wine drinkers have experienced.

Our non-alcoholic wines aim to appeal equally to wine drinkers and to those who have never been wine or alcohol drinkers.  These products are delicious to consume as stand-alone drinks but particularly great when served with food. The products are treated and served just as alcoholic wines with due reference to the correct temperature and presentation.

For the wine drinker who may be driving or on a diet these drinks offer an alcohol free, healthy, low-calorie option.

For non-wine drinkers our products open up a whole new perspective on how drinks can improve and expand a dining experience in a way that fruit juices, water or fizzy drinks can never do.

Our products have won awards for innovation for the manufacture with the taste and flavours being developed in conjunction with Dominique Laporte, one of the finest sommeliers in France. All of the drinks have the aroma and depth of taste that can be expected from a good wine but without the alcohol.